Applebee's Lunch Date


So as promised here is a quick runway of my Sunday morning/afternoon (the Superbowl will get it's own post of course :P).

Chad and I woke up at 10:00 to leave by 10:30 to head over to the Davisville Church with a couple of my friends. It was my first time going to their Contemporary worship service and I had a blast! The people were so nice and the message was really relatable and esay to understand. All in all a great time. I think I might go there next week too!


After church we were both hungry since we didn't have breakfast to eat so we headed over to a close by Applebee's restaurant. I had their fried chicken salad with honey mustard dressing. IT WAS SO GOOOOODDDD!!!


But of course the best thing of all was the Strawberry shortcake shooters on their dessert menu. Now that's really what I came for! :P

After lunch we headed back to Grandpa's house to just chill there for a bit. Chad to check some things online so I chilled there watching some TV before I decided to head home that night for a superbowl party my family was happening. Check the next post for details and pictures from the party!

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