I'd Wear That: Sale Mail

Have you ever heard of Shop It To Me?  Well it's a website where you can sign up to receive all the latest discounts and sale prices from your favorite stores and brands.  I love receiving these emails because it's certainly helps me keep in a student's budget! Here's a link to join the site.

Here are some things that came in today's sale mail for me.

  • Urban Outfitters skirt - I'm on the look out for a simple black skirt for summer.
  • BP Zipper Pocket Crop Pant - Cropped pants are my new best friend.  Not only am I on the shorter side of life, but they are flattering as well!
  • Heritage Crossbody Bag - I'm a huge fan of purses that you don't have to worry about falling off.  Crossbody bags are the perfect solution.
  • Leather Stitch Belt - I am in love with leather belts simply because they last longer than any other belts out there.  Invest in a good classic one and it will take you far.
  • Color Block Wrap - This weight of scarf is perfect for spring and summer weather! I love my scarves way to much to give up wearing them even if it's hot outside.  The key is to watch the weight of the fabric.  Too heavy and it can become suffocating!

If you'd like to sign up to receive the latest discounts and sale prices of your choice from Shop It To Me then click here to join! It's super easy and they do the shopping for you.  They don't spam at all (I've been using it for about two months now and have had no issues with it). I hope you sign up today - it's a lot of fun!


  1. I totally joined...I can't believe I never knew about this site! This may not be good for me to know when all the things I love go on sale though...haha!

    (p.s. you're blog has definitely become one of my new favorites :])

  2. I hope you like it Amanda! I certainly love it.
    Yes, it can be dangerous but at least it's alerting you to sales and not "new" items! : P

    I'm so glad you keep on coming back!

  3. Hi Chaucee,
    I'm Laura from Shop It To Me. Thanks so much for sharing us with your readers - we're glad you are enjoying Salemail!
    We'd love to add you as a Trendsetter (www.shopittome.com/trendsetters). Email me at trendsetters@shopittome.com for details!
    Thanks again!


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