I'm Back In The Woods Again!

The weather was much warmer today and that always puts everyone in a good mood : ) It's good to smile under the sun once again...

However because of the buckets of rain from the past two days, I had difficulty going to my usual spot in the woods for a mini-photo shoot so I had to re-locate.  Then people started walking over towards me, and being the new fashion blogger that I am I packed up my tripod as fast as I could and hurried away before they could see who I was!! Oh the embarrassment!

Tell me experienced fashion bloggers...does this pass with time?

Cardigan: H&M
Pants: Gap
Top: AE
Sandals: AE
Coat: Delia's


  1. Oh gosh, that is too funny! Sometimes I do the same thing, but if I am totally loving the spot or outfit, I just think "NO! I'm not leaving, this outfit is just too cute for this!" Haha, and I usually don't wear my glasses so I can't see them anyways!

  2. Love this outfit, with and without coat. And your hair... it's amazing. Don't cut it.


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