A Little Room To Breathe

I know I'm about to commit heresy....but I'm not a huge fan of summer.  Yes, I do enjoy the pretty sunshine (sometimes) but I am definitely more of a fan of winter (even the fashion during winter!).  Please forgive me!

I've just never been comfortable in my own skin during summertime.  But this summer I'm determined to feel beautiful and happy during the warmer part of the year.  

Here are some tops that I have my eye on.  I don't like wearing skin tight tops because this girlfriend likes to eat! Plus tighter clothing makes me more self conscious so that's why I like a little room to breathe : )


  1. I'm more of a winter fan as well. What can I say? I like my my layers. And I love winter accessories: gloves, hats, scarfs.

    Loose, easy, breezy shirts are the best for hot summers!


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