My 20th Birthday Celebration

(What a bland title. Sorry for that! I just wanted this post to be easily searched if I ever wanted to find it again :P)

So birthdays pretty much rock. Mine isn't until tomorrow but we had a fun weekend celebration.
It included bike rides and bonfires. Could it get much better?
Poor Bitsy and the things we put her through ... : )
And of course some good time snuggling. But we'll forget that part where Anna got hit on the head with a baseball. We're just going to pretend that she likes to snuggle with me!
Just because Mom knew that I loved owls she went out and bought this wrapping paper special for my birthday! It's that so sweet? Of COURSE I loved it!
Now only three days of school to endure. I can make it this time!
Ps - I can't wait to wear this owl pin that belonged to either my grandmother or my great grandmother back in the day. And please excuse the dust on my dresser! Since I don't live at home it's tough to get the dusting done : )

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