Striped Like A Jailbird

Sometimes I have such a hard time deciding which type of photos to post - the super clear ones that have no editing, or the ones that have a cool vintage feel to them.  If we're going for purely just photography to show off the clothes, then I would say the clear pictures, but another hobby of mine is photography and I can't just help but have a little joy in messing around in photos.

So tell me what you think....Do you liked the tweaked photos? Or would you rather just have normal photographs?

Sweater: Target (I think...either that or Gap :P)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Vintage, thrifted
Bag: Vintage, Fossil
Teal layering top: Target,
Scarf: Old Navy

Now about the clothes...this scarf is one of my favorite scarves to wear.  It's the perfect shade of gray and goes with absolutely everything in my closet.  It's my golden piece.

I also love wearing this sweater.  It's me to a T; gray and striped. I found this vintage handbag this semester at a local vintage store.  It's genuine leather and made by Fossil.  You won't believe how soft it is - like butter!  It's lately become one of my favorite bags.

And of course I couldn't leave out my favorite vintage lace up boots.  I hope to get a few more good wears out of them before the weather warms up for good.  


  1. Don't you just love that shade of brown that fossil puts out?! Awesome! I have one of their bags in the same color - I <3 it!

    Cute boots too btw ;)

  2. I love the vintage photos but the clearer ones give us a better idea of the clothes. I say do both!

    Love the bag.

  3. Thanks Emily! That was my other thought. I think i will do both : )


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