Blog Overhaul

Okay guys, here's the deal....
I, Chaucee, have been blogging over on wordpress for about three years now, but I've decided to move my personal blog here to blogger.  Since this style blog is basically just a blog about life, Streets and Stripes is going to become a lifestyle and personal blog as well as a style blog.
Nicole won't be posting, but will hopefully make an appearance here and there when we have time to do some photographs!

I will continue blogging, but the focus of this blog will include photography, fashion, AND my daily life.  I hope you don't mind : ) So the next day or so this blog is going to overgo a major transition.  Please bear with me as this happens : )


  1. Can't wait to see all of the changes :]

  2. The changes have been made! What do you think?


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