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Alright, so I'm pretty sure that I've made the decision to switch my blog to blogger.  The only reason I'm switching is because blogger allows free customization to the design of your blog, whereas wordpress makes you pay $15 a year and doesn't even let you mess with the layout, but merely the colors and font.  As a whole I enjoy wordpress so much better than blogger, but this fact is such a huge deal to me since I love to switch up the design and play around with things, that I'm making the move.

However I feel like I'm mourning the death of a dear friend when I'm leaving my old blog and coming here.  But more and more, each day I've thought about combing my two blogs into one, and it just makes more sense.  That way you all don't have to travel all over the place to find me!

Even with all this said, and the pros and cons laid out in my mind, I'm still going to continue to think about things, and won't make any rash decisions.  I just wish I would have printed out all my blog entires from my wordpress blog so I would have them for the future.  Maybe someday I'll get them all printed out and then this switch won't be so hard....

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  1. Looks like I'll be switching to blogger as well. Pretty much for the same reasons. Do you still have your wordpress blogs? I found a way to export them.


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