Weekend of April Twenty Third

This past weekend was a needed one.  I went home on Friday after a week of feeling awful.  It's much better breathing fresh air than the stale air of a city and of dorm life.

Now I have to go back to three more weeks of living on campus and then it's home for summer!  I'm looking forward to it, but also sad to leave friends. I have lots of plans this summer which including learning how to work my new sewing machine and other sorts of fun stuff : )

One thing I didn't get to do this weekend was take pictures!  I completely forgot my camera and left it at the dorm.  So sadly I don't have any weekend pictures to share with you even though we did a lot (think ice cream, pool party, and movies).

On another note, so sorry this post is poorly written!  I'm still not feeling 100% which is leading to this sad string of words.  I hope you'll forgive me : )

How was your weekend?

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  1. love the third photo - i have a thing for fog.


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