Catching My Eye

Instead of doing lots of little posts, here is a big posts with things that have been catching my eye lately.
This was the cutest young love I've seen in a long time.
Once again Jak and Jill have capture my heart and have almost captured my wallet. Now where did I put that thing....
I have GOT to find a pair of leather wedges like the ones Katy wore.
This bag captures everything I want in a bag. It's perfection.
A camping/road trip sounds just about right.

I love such fun couples.
Everyone has been eyeing up this relaxed dinner and I couldn't help but pass it along again.


  1. ohhh what a beautiful post! those leather wedges are similar to the cynthia vincent ones they are selling at target, i snagged myself a pair before they were all sold out!! that couple's wedding looked like sooo much fun, they had some great details!

  2. i LOVE zeke & gracie's shoot... they're the cutest kids EVER. wildflowers photography always inspires me. :)

  3. Sandy - I saw the pair at Target but at the time was undecided about them. I wish I would have grabbed a pair now!

    Kelly - definitely agreed. I love wildflowers : )


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