Daily Life: Mother's Day, Part 1

As you know Mother's Day was this weekend. It's the single day in the year when proper recognition is given to the women who work so hard at feeding and cleaning and most importantly loving their children.
Our Mother's Day started off with some pretty elaborate decorations.  We've never decorated for Mother's Day before but this year we wanted to make Mom feel extra loved so we stayed up late the night before stringing streamers everywhere and making posters.  It was fun : )
Then we wanted to make Mom some breakfast but she only wanted a sliced apple and some hot tea!  Mom! :D So I cooked the rest of us cheesy eggs.
After breakfast we opened presents and cards before heading to church. The day before we had spent about 20 minutes laughing our butts off in the card section of Target from reading all the hilarious mother's day cards!  They were actually good this year!  And mom seemed to enjoy them :D
Mom even found her new theme song from the Supermom card that my sister Sierra got her.

This last card was so true in our household.  Mom actually says those exact words that are written on the card!  We just had to get it for her :D As you can tell...she was pretty shocked by the card, haha.

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