Marco and Tiffany Wedding, Part Three

Here are some more goodies to look at from Marco and Tiffany's Wedding.
First up, it was the boy's turn.
(this is the watching the ladies get their pictures taken)
When asked what they wanted to do for their own "fun" shot, they chose to pop out of trees.
Then they decided to pick up the groom :D Oh guys...
Now it's time for the lovely ladies!
The flowers that Tiffany picked were absolutely gorgeous.
Then it was time for the girl's fun shots :D
Still beautiful of course : )
And who could have picked prettier flower girls?
And a good wedding is always finished with one of these....


  1. You do amazing work! These are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks so much Kelly! This was my first wedding so I was anxious to see how the photos turned out.

  3. that first one is SO gorgeous, chaucee... i love her dress! :)


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