Soda + Milkshakes = A Quick Pick Me Up

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive during this job search.  I'm still confident that I'll be taken care of because I know a God that looks for me and loves me.  Now it's just playing the waiting game! I'm working hard at trying to find jobs so hopefully something will stick.  I'm praying about it faithfully and I'm so thankful for your kind words : )

Now! Onto these beautiful photos. 
Since I'm still working at putting together a post for Marco and Tiffany's wedding (it's so hard to choose what pictures to use!) here is a great engagement shoot that really inspires me (mostly because it has to do with soda and milkshakes :D).
 Now this is ONE handsome couple!  The bride has such beautiful hair! Ah, the jealousy is sparking inside of me :P
Jennica and Tyler's wedding was featured on The Bride's Cafe (a great wedding resource).


  1. I LOVE those last two photos, they are amazing!

    Finding a job is almost painful these days. My boyfriend is having such a hard time with it. It's just a tough economy right now!

  2. oh WOW, the couple looks like they had sooo much fun! I LOVE the props they used! =)

  3. This engagement photos are awesome! everything is perfect: the couple, the color treatment, the idea and the love you can feel between them! thanks for sharing!!!

    And good look on your job huting!! This are hard times but something good is gonna happen soon, you just have to be patient :)

  4. Ya kidding me? Your hair makes ME jealous.


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