Style Files: Unpacking from College, Eh?

Quick Disclaimer: I know that it's been a while since I've taken some outfit photos and let's just say it's pretty evident in the photographs. Plus, I had to use my tripod which is being difficult at the moment, to say the least, so please forgive these awkward and strange photos : )
So I decided to wear this outfit on the day that I designated the day I'm finally going to unpack from college day. I was also planning to wear my hair down to show you the new length, but it was getting in the way of unpacking, so up it went.
But then I decided to add a quick vintage belt because I was feeling kind of shapeless.
This belt was actually my grandmother's.  It was from the day when they wore jeans at the waist and all the belts were much smaller :D

Ps - I promise the next pictures will be up to par : )


  1. Very cute outfit! Love the yellow.

  2. You look so cute! I love the belt! It really pulls the outfit together!

  3. I LOVE the polka dots! Love them. I really like the yellow and blue together too, it should be worn by everyone more often :]


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