Style Inspiration: Wicker Purse

I fell pretty hard for this purse that I saw on Garance's blog (not to mention the stars and stripes in that post!), so I just had to find some similar alternatives for an affordable option to this look.
All of these options are extremely affordable! I'm falling in love with them.  Hopefully they don't sell so I can get them some time : )
  1. 1960s Jane Birkin Wicker Bag
  2. Farmhouse vintage blue wicker tote
  3. Vintage wicker leather strap purse
  4. Vintage Ainger wicker purse


  1. these bags are just lovely.
    they make me think about summer!

  2. So funny you post this, I'm totally craving a straw/wicker bag for the summer. I *LOVE* that vintage 60s one you've posted!

  3. I'm glad you like the selections! It was fun to browse : )

  4. oh man, i gasped when i saw it on her blog... i. want. it.


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