Take It With A Grain Of Salt

Since I haven't been taking pictures lately because of my busy schedule, here are some photographs that have been inspiring me lately. I hope you can take something from them as well : )
This bride has the most beautiful necklace in the world! I love personal touches like these : )
Simple ceremonies are the way to go : ) Beautiful greenery and a rich landscape is always a plus.
I am convinced this is the perfect wedding dress.
Even though this table is spread for a wedding, I think it looks like the perfect place to have a summer brunch with friends.
I love myself a good ring shot.
Those flowers and that dress are killing me. Anything that takes place in a vineyard is a-okay by me!
A fiddle and an over sized bow?  Are you kidding me?  This is definitely one of my favorites.
This is the perfect simple getaway.  Can we do this sometime please?
There's nothing I love more than a good flower box.
A lighthouse wedding...how could you go wrong?

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