Anthropologie in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I about died and past out when I walked into this Anthro. I was really proud of myself for not walking away with something, but I credit that mostly to the high price tags. I mean when i can't afford it I just can't afford it. High price tags are really a good way to keep money in my wallet!
Are there any Anthropologie fans out there?  I'm a HUGE fan but haven't been to a physical store much since we don't have any around my area.  Well there happened to be one near the hotel we were staying at in Albuquerque, New Mexico so we headed over after visiting the Tram earlier that morning.

I knew that my fellow Anthro-lovers would appreciate all the pretty little things on display so I went a little photo happy for this post :D
I could really die for this purse.  But at $78, it wasn't worth my blood.
They even had the cutest tags on clothing!
If I had a table to cover, I would definitely buy something close to this one.
A summer dinner party like this one is likely to be lots of fun : )


  1. I am with you, Anthro is the first store I'd rush to if I was on "What Not To Wear" or somehow found a chest of money under my bed. But since the odds of either of those things occurring are slimmer than slim, I continue to drool at the pages of their magazines and have to wipe it off my keyboard whenever I parooze their website. Sigh. Their clothing, housewares, jewelry, it's all so whimsical, beautiful and perfectly girly! Once my college-broke friend and I went in and made a rule not to try on anything under $300. Just for fun. It was magical--when I buttoned up the dresses it felt like I was slipping into a fairy tale. And I agree, that tablecloth--definitely be on my table in a perfect world.

  2. anthro's my absolute favourite. i could LIVE in their stores. ;) i try and stop by whenever i can, just to admire the beauty! my favourite location here in california is the one in beverly hills... it's two stories and INCREDIBLE. i love it. for a few years now i've talked about wanting to be a visual stylist for one of their stores, it would be so much fun! maybe one day it'll happen.

  3. That sounds like such a blast Emily! It probably wasn't too hard to find something over $300 ;P

    Kelly - TWO STORIES?!?! holy. I have GOT to come to california stat!


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