Daily Life: Clouds

Tonight is Bryce's graduation ceremony. It starts pretty late and will probably be done close to 11pm! Bummer. I'm going to make sure to wear something comfortable, hah.

How amazing has the weather been lately?  It's days like this when I truly fall in love with the warmth of Spring and don't miss my cold and cozy days of winter.

Today we went out and bought some books for our road trip that's coming up soon.  I'm excited to get some extra reading in since I don't seem to have much time anymore lately! I remember that I used to read all the time when I was a kid (it was my getaway) but since I've been away at college for the past two years reading became more of a chore and something to be done to receive a grade. I've already started on two books (yes, I'm the kind of person that reads multiple books at a time - are you?) and I'm hooked!

I hope your Tuesday has been splendid : ) I hope to get some pictures up from Bryce's graduation party this past week, but the internet isn't working on my laptop which is where all the photos are.  So they will be hopefully coming sometime soon!


  1. My Spring/summer reading has suffered ever since I quit sunbathing a couple of years ago. It seems I never can sit still enough to crack open a book! haha

  2. these photos are pretty, love. :) i really like the colours!

  3. Hope you had a fun partaaay! You should post what you wore!

    P.S. visit my blog to enter my shoe giveaway!

  4. Holly - I just posted it! :D I hope you like what I wore.


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