I Hope To Learn A Lot On The Way...

Today I got to shadow Stacey Fitzpatrick. I actually know her first as a client back in the day, but she was kind enough to see how she worked, let me help out a bit, and gave me lots of good tips. I'm going to go back from some more shoots and I'm so excited! Mostly I want to learn a lot about lighting, what settings to use when, and how to get people relaxed in front of the camera.
Today was Alanna, a senior getting her portraits done.  Of course all the pictures I took are from odd angles because I was just testing light and such while Stacey was busy snapping away on that Canon 5D (yes, it really was as dreamy as I pictured it).
(behind the scenes trying to stay out of the way)
A little grainy...okay, a lot of noise.
Last minute touch ups!
Now if only I can somehow find enough money to get a new lens....


  1. how FUN! i've always wanted to shadow a photographer... i bet i would learn a lot. :)

  2. very cool. what lenses do you have your eye on?

  3. Jill - I'm still doing a lot of research but I'm looking for something that goes down to a low F-stop (really good bokeh), a higher ISO since I want to keep working in weddings (and the low light really kills ya at night) and something with a good zoom....but all for an affordable price! Hah! We'll see if that ever happens :D

  4. the affordable price is the kicker. i am also looking for a new lens. i am torn between an 85 mm 1.8 or upgrading my 50mm to a 1.4.

  5. sorry to add on the zoom lense that seems really awesome is Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L but it as a hefty price tag i am also assume because of your 5d lust you shot canon. ok enough from for today


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