Post from the Road: Day 4 (Oklahoma to Texas & New Mexico)

Everything in the west seems to be bigger.  The clouds are larger, the horizon's longer and it just takes my breath away to see such a beautiful creation.

We made the long drive from Oklahoma, through Texas, to New Mexico where we're spending the night. We had a little car trouble on the way, but thankfully didn't get stranded out in (literally) the middle of nowhere, New Mexico.


  1. wow, these photos of the clouds are absolutely beautiful!! the sky is sooo blue and clouds are soo pretty!

  2. It's even MORE stunning in person! Breath taking.

  3. Everything is bigger here, I'm tellin ya!! And you think it was hot where you were (I imagine you crossed through the panhandle...the rest of the state takes a day almost to cross), it's super hot here! The only downside of this part of the world is the trees are wimpy :[

  4. Yes, we crossed through the Panhandle from Oklahmoa to New Mexico. I totally blanked that you lived in Texas, that is so sweet : )


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