Post from the Road: Hiking Mount Zion (Day 10)

I bet you are already tired of the scenic posts I've been loading you up on every day, but I can't help but document the beautiful sights! So please bear with me as I introduce to you today...Mount Zion!
Today we hiked up the gorgeous Mount Zion in Utah.  I'm going to be honest with you...I am SO out of shape! :D  I definitely had some difficulty with the hike that we did, but to our credit it was pretty tough! But the sights were stunning.
I hiked with my mom and my youngest sister and the trail that we took led to three pools of water. It was SO nice to be able to take our shoes off and soak our legs and feet in the cool springs.
The sun was beating down today and there was a definite rise in humidity, but the sky was still beautiful.
Tomorrow we head out to hike Bryce Canyon.  Honestly, I'm still a bit tired and grumpy from today so hopefully tomorrow is more of a relaxing stroll than a rigorous hike ;D


  1. :) Very nice Chaucee, I hope you are enjoying your trip. The pics are great :)


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