Post from the Road: Jackson Hole Rode (Day 15)

Yesterday we went to the Jackson Hole rodeo where we got our fill of bull riding, calf roping, and barrel racing. This little cowboy I photographed here actually ended up winning a little bull riding! I couldn't believe they let kids this young ride small bulls!
Has anyone who reads this blog been to a rodeo before? How did you like it?
To me it was actually kind of scary.  One guy had to go to the hospital (NOT COOL!) and another one was trampled by a bull too. I really don't like watching people get hurt which is why I also can't watch wrestling.


  1. last time i went to a rodeo, i was seven or eight. We saw a guy get gored in the stomach by a bull and they had to call an ambulance and everything. But the show still went on. Not a great first immpression for me......i also kept screaming at the stupid clowns to get out of the bull's way because I was scared they were going to be hurt, too.

    Hope you had a better experience than I did, lol...

  2. I saw PBR one time... and I enjoyed it. But I've never seen anyone get hurt. If I did that would definitely ruin it. :(


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