Style Files: Long and Large

I really really love this shirt.  It's everything that I like in a shirt - light weight, pleated, detailed, and long and large. I've never really been one for tight clothing (except for that brief stint in my childhood where I refused to let my mother dress me anymore and instead wore dress up clothing complete with sequins and tight leggings everywhere I went),  and these kind of tops allow for all kinds of movement and eating habits ;D Also, sorry for the frizzy hair. It gets a bit out of control some times.

Today's duties include planning for the upcoming family road trip, taking care of a few things that are long over due, and making brownies!

Ps - I made dinner last night and was so proud!  We had tortellini, garlic bread, apple sauce, and corn. Hey, that is a big feat for myself!  But MAN that took a lot of effort. I guess I'm not cut out for the cooking type, but I'm still going to learn.

Top: Target
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: American Eagle
Ps - I forgot to include this cute picture of my talented photographer, my younger sister Sierra!  She's an animal lover to the max. : )


  1. wish i could rock a cardi right now. too hot. :(

  2. This cardigan is actually very thin and see through when you put your hand up to it. That's the only way I could wear it in this heat! But I also love cardigans so much that I wear them anyways even when it's hot :D


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