Style Files: Striped Cherry Red

*Please excuse this image.  I have an issue with pants.  They're always too low or too big in the waist, so I always end up hoisting them up a million times a day, or wearing a belt.  And since I didn't feel like wearing a belt that day, this is what you could see me doing a million times that day. Does anyone else have troubles with pants?  Am I alone in this?
This is what I wore to get my license pictured renewed.  This time around my outfit didn't even show up in the picture (what's with the major crop-age PennDot??) so it didn't matter in the end, but I still wanted to feel nice.
These shoes have quickly become a favorite.  They are super comfortable (after I broke them in) and they're just the right shade of cherry red.  It adds a pop of color to any outfit!


  1. I love your cherry red shoes! I have a whole lot of issues with pants - too many to go into here :-)

  2. oh man... PANTS. baaaah. i'm an hourglass figure, so pants are always too big in the waist, but too small in the butt area... so it gapes in the back. it's just... a huge problem. it's rare that i find pants that fit me right! they're just not very flattering on me.

  3. love the shoes! for sure. :)

  4. Super cute shoes! Love them!

  5. This outfit is soo cute! I love your jeans and red shoes! So so pretty! xo


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