I'm Missing Autumn

Lately I have been missing my fall clothes so much that it's led to some serious internet browsing (it's the only relief!).  These navajo print items from Urban Outfitters are on the top of my wish list.
What is on your list for Fall?
Ps - Have you seen the new shoes from Timberland?  Amazing!


  1. i like the navajo print tunic!! So many ways to wear it...add a pop of orange scarf and you are set to go...

    have a good day ya!!


  2. I adore navajo prints! I have a poncho (from Forever 21, of all places) with a Navajo style that I basically rocked for all of last fall/winter.

  3. Ooh I love these. Add some brown tights and leather boots and you have an outfit!!!


  4. No no no! You know you will be sick of autumn clothes by mid november! Won't you? I always am... long live the summer!

  5. the tunic is beautiful. On my fall list must be some cargo pants that i keep seeing recently in magazines.xx


  6. Emily-Actually I never get tired of Fall clothes! Haha. I was made for living in cooler weather and the heat always gets to me. I would much rather be layered up then wear a cool summer dress any day!

  7. I am SO with you! I LOVE fall clothes! I find myself drawn this summer to all of the fall previews, specifically high-waisted skirts and pants, and neutral trenches. I just bought an adorable military jacket at H&M, knowing full well I can't wear it for a month!

  8. I've been looking for a cargo military inspired jacket for quite some time! I'm going to have to check out H&M.


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