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I just changed the header (yes again :D) and would I would like to hear your opinion!  So if you're reading this from Google Reader head on over to the site to see the difference!
Jacket - Gap, Shoes - Old Navy, Tank Top - Target, Bag - Fossil, thrifted, 
T-shirt - Target, Sunglasses - Target, Jeans - Old Navy
Ah, it feels good to be dressed like a normal person again : ) I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. Yeah, my church is casual like that :D The weather was in the 90's again but I always bring a jacket because they have a good working AC unit in the church and it's always a bit chilly.  Better that than sweating!
Phew! Those are some tired eyes!
Over the weekend I had a blast hanging out with Adalie shooting the wedding.  I've only done two weddings so far but they are such a BLAST! I love being around so much love and family.  Those are the two greatest gifts in the world.  Hopefully I'll be able to photograph some more weddings in the future.
Ps - These shoes and this jacket are my new summer staples.  Well, maybe the jacket is more for Fall but I sure love to wear it around the house when the heat isn't too bad!
Today is going back to work! I missed hanging out with the girls over the weekend (perhaps it's because my younger sisters are off at the beach this week and I miss all the silly things we say and do together).  On another note I just called this book called Facing Your Giants.  It's about David and the courage he had to be a man after God's own heart. I'm excited to finish it!  Do you have a good book you'd like to share?  I love getting new reading material. Especially the kind that inspires and challenges me to grow!


  1. i love your new header and i love that jacket. i was in gap this weekend and they have a grey one too!!! i need them both. xoxo

  2. LOVE this outfit. shoes, jeans, jacket, grey t-shirt. love it all.

  3. i wish i could wear that! it's 100 here!

  4. i hope we get to see some wedding photos, lady. ;) so glad it went well!

  5. That jacket and those shoes ...adorable! I'm really enjoying your blog btw. Funny thing, the link to your church is actually the same church I go to sometimes on Saturday evenings. I love LCBC. This really is a small world :-)


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