Style Files: Flashy on Top

My hair looks a little strange in these photos because most of it is soaking wet (hair dries slowly in humidity, I'm finding out) but my bangs are dry.  Stranger things have happened! Right?
Dress-Old Navy, Shoes-Target, Tank top-Don't Know, Belt-Vintage (was my Grandmother's)
The day I wore this outfit it was 97 degrees outside and felt like 75% humidity.  Curse the East Coast! This weekend was once again insufferably hot which makes me SO thankful for air conditioning.  But there was one good thing that happened this weekend...I finally finished payments on my macbook pro! The last payment was due in August but I finished just a bit early.  It feels SO good to have that done with : )
The reason I put this tank top over top of my grey dress is because I needed the extra coverage.  Dresses come down so low these days!  So it was either wear a plain cotton tank underneath or put on this flashy one on top!
Whoops! Is that a small stain? I think it must have just been a water spot because it's not there anymore, thankfully.
Now it's time for stories : ) How was your weekend?


  1. i really like how you layered the shirt on top. and i totally feel you with this heat! i live in the philly area too and it's like killing me! i literally almost passed out at the beach yesterday and then while trying to leave in a hurry to get water backed up into a car! but it was all good because there was no damage (thank goodness).

  2. now that is some INTENSE heat!! and talk about a rough day at the beach! i'm glad everything worked out okay!

  3. Central PA has been such a beast w/ this heat, I agree. We have been in the process of moving and one of our rooms upstairs has no air was nearly impossible to get anything done. Your outfit is very pretty and perfect for this weather. I love the dress paired with that top. Very cute print:-)

  4. Thanks Mandy! I wasn't so sure about it but it's growing on me now : )

  5. Great top! I hate super hot days too!


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