Style Files: Interviewed

Dress-??, Shoes-Target, Bag-Fossil thrifted, Scarf-Target, Belt-Grandma's!
I wore this outfit to a nannying interview that I had this morning.  Guess what...I got the job! After so many hours applying to jobs, going to interviews and praying hard I'm so blessed to have a job for the rest of the summer.
This is the first time I've worn these sandals all summer and I remembered why today...these babies hurt! They still need some breaking into before they feel comfortable and wearable.


  1. Yay! Congrats on getting the job!! Nannying is one of the best jobs ever.

    And I love the color of your dress :).

  2. congratulations, sweetie! i'm so stoked for you. :) and you look darling - teal is one of my favourite colours.

  3. I agree Kaitlyn : )
    And thanks Kelly and Marie!

  4. I love that you belted your scarf!
    Congrats on your job

  5. Love this idea!!! :) Scarf belted with your dress! So inspirational!!
    Congrats on getting your job! :)

    Thanks for your comment! :)


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