Style Files: Layered Heat

Please don't ask me why I'm wear pants in 100 degree weather.  During these pictures I worked up a sweat just standing there so I headed in and changed : ) Hopefully that doesn't offend anyone! It's just that sometimes my outfits are exactly the most practical things.
In case you're interested this is how I wore this shirt last time. Quite the difference! It's paired overtop of this blue dress and cinched in with leather braided belt.

By the way, head on over to Indiana's blog to vote for my look in the contest of the "best blogger aloof pose" (as you can see I tried to skip on the blogger aloof pose this time around :D). There's a pretty hefty prize involved!


  1. so did you dye your hair? it looks gorgeous in the 4th pic.

  2. SO CUTE. one of my favourite outfits of yours.

  3. I just dyed half of it and going to do the rest soon! So far no orange :)

  4. Cute top I love the print! Isn't the contest fun, I'm loving getting to check out all your stylish blogs :)

  5. oh, i do the same thing sometimes! outfits are sometimes best in theory!


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