Style Files: Pastel Crazy

Dress-Target, Skirt-Gap, Necklace-Etsy, Shoes-Target
This outfit I wore to a morning brunch with mom at one of my favorite stops. They have super cheap breakfast but the most delicious around these parts!  I'm usually not crazy about pastel colors but something about this shade just got to me.  I think it's beautiful!
I actually realized after wearing this dress for the photos (which were taken in the morning before breakfast) that the hem in this dress is actually sew wrong and is terribly uneven!  So I'm taking this dress back to the store tomorrow morning and exchanging it for a new one.
I have a day off work this week so I'm going to use it to run some errands, do lots of paperwork for school and for studying abroad, and some major laundry and cleaning!  But in between all that fun stuff I might rent a movie here and there ;D


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the lace detail at the top.

  2. i wore a similar skirt like that today! great minds think alike. :) xoox

  3. I love the layering of the skirt over the dress. Great idea! Your hair does look like mine!


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