Style Files: Second Friday

Dress-Francesca's, Sandals-Target, Scarf-Target, Bag-Fossil, thrifted, Sunglasses-Target
This morning we are finally getting some rain. The grass is nothing but brown here and it's uncommon for this time of year...I miss the green grass!
I wore this outfit to "Second Friday" in a nearby town.  I'm sure you all have First Friday's in a town near you, but we also have a Second Friday in a neighboring town which makes it nice! 
It was pretty unbearably hot again which is why I love to wear this dress.  The top is really stretchy and light weight with spaghetti straps so it keeps me staying cool.
Today the plan is to hang out with my Aunt and cousin, do some room cleaning, and then hit up a baseball game later!  


  1. those sandals are so euro-chic. love them. every time.

  2. That sounds like lots of fun.

    And I love your outfit! :)

  3. First Friday is basically like a celebration of the arts where you can find live music, art, coffee shops, and exhibitions on the streets of the city every first friday of the month.

    This describes it well:

  4. Thanks for the comment! I love all the different looks with your scarves. So clever!


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