August Favorite Looks

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Last month I did a round up of all my favorite outfits that I wore that month (you can see the July post here). Well I decided to do the same thing this month just as a fun look back on what I wore : ) These are my favorite looks.  Do you have a favorite?


  1. i notice your a fan of seperates. and you have many staple BOTTOM pieces. like the skirts of different colors. I think that is an amazing tip for college+working women on a budget. WE should invest in flattering STAPLES for our lower half OR keep it simple with staple pieces like (rompers, dresses, jumpers..etc) that way you'll always have GO-TO items and soon enough ONLY go to items :). I mean if we are being honest how many girls STRUGGLE with finding tops? It's always the jeans, skirts, shorts that we HAVE to go try on. If we seek to always be adding staples (go to flattering pieces) to our wardrobe we'll never be without!

    i don't know if i made sense but I was trying to give you an explanation of my compliment and the importance of the tip. haha

    i must be tired?


  2. Love your striped separates! I also personally think you can ever have too many skirts : )


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