Weekend Style Files: Trip To NYC

Dress (it's folded down)-Francesca's, Top-Target, Cardigan-Gap, Shoes-Clarks, Necklace-Elsand
This time I tried something a little different with the photographs. I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not. I usually like more cooler tones in photographs and no so much "warmth" (or red hues) but it's starting to grow on me. What do you think?  Or do you like my typical photos better?

This is the outfit I wore to the NYC Trip this past weekend. I also want to talk about this awesome necklace from Elsand. I featured their shop on my other blog a little bit back and fell in love with everything they have. Be careful because you might too!

Also, let's talk about these delicious shoes.  Have you ever heard of Clarks?  Well I used to think they were really ugly shoes because they were just all about comfort and not so much about looks, but boy have they changed my mind!  

These mary janes saved the day in NYC. My knees and legs always hurt from walking around (I know, I thought I was young too!) but after wearing these Tempest Sun mary jane styled shoes I didn't feel pain at ALL.  And that's saying something! I am so glad I invested in a pair of Clarks. They are quite an investment (since they are on the pricey side of a shoe for a college student) but they were incredibly worth it.  These babies are going to get a lot of use!


  1. You look lovely, I love your classic yet modern outfit! The colours all work great and that necklace is too sweet.

  2. very outfit. i think i like the warmer tones for these photographs. it gives it a sense of the warm summer sun and especially with all the flowers in the background it gives a very summery feel.

  3. Clarks are great. They've really come a long way and are offering more stylish shoes. I'm super glad too!

  4. you look beautiful. love love love francesca's! :) i love the warmer tones in your pictures!! xoxo

  5. you look fantastic with that outfit!!

  6. Love the outfit! you always wear such classic silhouettes. I like the experimenting with color effects, it's always good to try something new!

  7. Love the outfit!!!... your blog and your name!!!


  8. I know what you mean about Clarks. I feel kind of allergic to comfortable shoes since I associate them with things my mom used to buy me. But lately, distressingly, I find myself hanging out in sections where the shoes are called things like "flexi," and "soft comfort." Yikes! Those are nice though, they don't scream "comfortable!" ; )

  9. Your outfit is so pretty.
    The first photograph is so gorgeous (esp. with those gorgeous curls of yours), I'm loving the colors xx


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