Fall Inspiration: Wedges

I thought it might be fun to put together some of my favorite things to fall, so here is the first installment. Wedges!
One of my favorite items for fall is definitely the floral wedge.  Three of these are the Jeffery Campbell wedges and they are SO fine!
Wooden wedges are also on my top must-have list. However, my must-have list happens to be the same as my MMMMTA list, aka must-make-more-money-to-afford list. Once I complete that list I'll be able to afford all these lovely shoes!

What are your must-have items for Fall? I'll be sharing some more in the future.


  1. These are all so amazing. I really wanted those floral JC wedges, but I resisted with fear of not being able to pull them off...now Im back to loving them again! x

  2. Oh my goodness, I love all of these! The floral ones are my favorites. I almost invested in a pair of 80%20 floral wedges last spring about fifty times but never did. This post totally makes me regret that!

  3. oh i love these.
    i just got some oxford wedges in the mail today and can not wait to wear them!!!

  4. http://savedthrulove.blogspot.com/2010/09/vegan-apple-pie-and-1st-time-ticket.html

    check out the scarf in my pics at the bottom! My first fall purchase. Actually that is like my first purchase in the last 4 months!! lol Clothes have not been a priority but I really really wanted a scarf and I really really want a cowl from your collection too! I found the scarf for 4 dollars and decided it could tithe me over. I also want some cute sweaters, and a few waist fitted dresses that stop above the knee. I'm low on leggings too :(. ANd brown thigh high boots??


    lol i'm sooo done. I'm in debt just typing it.

  5. i LOVE jeffery camble,that warrwick wedge is divine

  6. хоршие босоножки-они достойны того чтобы их носили самые самые модницы!!!))

  7. @Katie Maggie - You should totally get them! Anyone can pull these off. They're so great.
    @Nicole - I'm hoping to invest in a pair too.
    @Gee - I can't wait to see how you'll style them!

  8. i'm loving the wedge heel on the dvf pair. cute! and i'd be like 6 feet tall in them.


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