This Is Me Trying To Decorate

So I've been promising pictures of my room for a long time and I haven't made true on that. However, my excuse is that the room still isn't finished.  My schedule has had no down time for decorating so that's why the progress has been so slow.  But I thought I'd share some areas with you that are mostly finished.  So here is my room!


  1. Wow, i can't wait to see the full room! it looks lovely.

  2. I love the clouds and the picture setup. Very cute!

  3. what do you mean TRYING?? looks like you ARE - very well actually :)

  4. i like the clouds! and i've always wanted to have lights in my room.. like rope lights? have you ever seen those before. They are like the thick cylinder lights you can get in amazing colors??

    yeah just a random dream of mine :)

    thanks for sharing.. and your email didnt go through! send me a blank or basic email @ :) and I shall email you back dear..

  5. Love the clouds and photos and your backpack is adorable!!

  6. i love the photos strung across the wall :)


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