Style Files: It Rained Today...

...and I finally got to wear tights.
ps - please excuse the water stain on my dress. I had washed my hands prior to taking these photos and there was a few accidents along the way :D


  1. i love that color green on you; you look gorgeous! great outfit as well. ive been wearing tights all the time lately, its been freezing! but im glad its finally cold enough for layers

  2. green looks beautiful on you.
    yay for tights..!! you can never have to many!

  3. Ah, I love the detailing at the neckline on your dress! So cute! And yay for tights! I know how you feel, I got to wear them for the first time yesterday...but today it's too hot! Crazy weather.

    And I have major hand washing accidents all the time. I might as well just dip my shirt in the sink instead.

  4. this is super darling. <3 like everyone already said, this color green looks amazing on you!

    i just love this whole outfit. :)

    xx elanor

  5. That dress looks lovely on you! The collar and green color are so pretty.
    And yay for wearing tights! It's been chilly enough for layers here as well :)

  6. YAY tights! :) love the neckline detail on your dress.

  7. Kelly - It's actually a tank top underneath the dress that has that neckline!

  8. Oh this is cute! I love how you layered a tank top under the dress to create such a pretty neckline!

  9. Chaucee this outfit is amazing!
    I have boots like those and wear them to death. Great color choices!

  10. I love this dress! Green is a darling color on you!

  11. Love that colour green, seeing you with your lovely dark hair inspires me to going back to be a brunette

  12. That fact that you're so excited about finally wearing tights makes my day; I said the same thing on my blog the other day! I adore the color of your dress, and the neckline is so sweet! Boots and tights and a sweet little dress; perfect for a rainy day. Plus, the cowl in the post below is just too cute! Goodness.

    If you don't mind my asking(no worries if you do), did you use Lion's Brand Yarn for the cowls? It looks like my all time favorite yarn! I've made so many scarves with it, it's ridiculous.

  13. Chaucee,

    I don;t exactly remember how I found your blog for the first time but all I know that since that very first time I have always loved visiting this little corner of the web that is yours.

    Love your photography, reading your september savings right now and adore the fact that this blog is about honesty and how you created a holiday called whoopy pie wednesday. LOL

    I would love for us to stay in touch via google or bloglovin and maybe even exchange links. What do you think???

    Love from Toronto, Canada


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