Style Files: Not Quite Mustard

Yesterday I wore this outfit thinking it was going to be cooler.  Nope, it was almost 80 degrees.

Yesterday I wore this cardigan thinking it was a pretty mustard color. Nope, it's definitely citric green (don't worry - it comes across more mustard-y in these photos).

Yesterday is gone, today is here and the weather is colder.
Welcome October!


  1. I love your cardigan with that scarf & Your hair is so pretty! Don't you hate that it's October and it's still hot? I've been so excited for fall, and the cool weather it brings - but it's been 90 degrees here! Craziness. x

  2. I like the cardigan color. It matches your blog background kinda. I've been wishing for a little temperature drop too!
    Pocket of Presh

  3. I always wear outfits in hopes that it'll be cooler. It's not, and I usually end up shedding layer upon layer all day.

    The cardigan looks mustardy on here, but you're right, it's definitely hard to find the right colored mustard pieces!

  4. i feel your pain... it went from rainy and cold to REALLY, really warm the past week. today has gorgeous, but tomorrow will be hot yet again. what the heck? the weather is definitely being bipolar. it's annoying. :(

  5. Ah, color is always relative. It depends on what other colors you pair them with. If you want the mustard to appear more yellow, maybe try pairing it with purple? The contrast would bring out the yellow color.
    Anyway, you look cute. And I totally feel ya on the weather thing. I always seem to want to wear warm when its chilly and chilly when it's warm. :)

  6. I just discovered your blog and it is truly awesome. Will be posting your button on my blog for the world to see. congrats on the blog

  7. I say it is complete mustard. I have been completely addicted to this color this fall. No joke, I even went and got a ton of mustard fabric so that I could make as many mustard articles of clothing as I wanted!

    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  8. Sarah - I tweaked the photos so it would look mustard. It's definitely citric green :D I'll take another picture of it sometime and share.


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