Tucker for Target

Have you seen the new Tucker collection for Target? I was at the store the other day picking up some things for the apartment and noticed these beautifully colored frocks. I love the bold patterns, retro flash backs, and vintage colors they used in the collection.  My only hesitation about buying something would be that everyone else is going to be buying it and it could potentially be an awkward situation in 5 girls on campus were all wearing Tucker for Target. But it's just a thought, and I'm a girl on a budget so who knows.


  1. i bought the orange an beige tweedy skirt! i love it and can't wait for the perfect time to wear it :)

    i really want the polka dot blouse.. they only had one in my size and there was a stain on it :(

    i looked online an they didnt even have my size

    i guess it's just not meant to be!

    i dont think you would ever encounter that problem, you have your own unique look and you would probably style up one of the dresses much nicer than anyone else around campus :)

  2. i had the same problem when i was in college! i would buy a cute new dress at target, and there were 10 other girls who would wear it the same day i would. haha, annoying! but, that's the great thing about target... they're so inexpensive, i love it that i can find so many pieces that i will for sure wear all the time. i basically could live in target forever. ;)

  3. Haha you're my kind of girl Kelly Ann! I could set up fort in Target and be one happy gal. : )


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