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First off, a HUGE thanks for all your suggestions with relieving stress.  It's really become a priority to me, and I hope to get this thing kicked in the butt before it becomes TMJ. You are seriously the best.

No outfit post today, just pictures from the time I went to the open house at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I've decided to finish off my degree at the college I'm currently at and then potentially take some courses on photography in the future.

This weekend promises to be a busy one, but a good one. I'm heading home for the weekend and packed some cute outfits (at least I hope they turn out okay when I put them on) so I'll snap some pictures for next week.

Hope you have a great weekend friends! I wish we could all spend it at a fire pit on the beach (right now that's my idea) :). See ya Monday!


  1. I know someone mentioned yoga. It's expensive to do it at a studio, but I actually found a website that you can download yoga mp3s to listen to and also the pdf charts to have next to your mat. The 20 min classes are free to download which is great for right before bed. I love them and hope to get back in the habit soon. Though I do recommend at least taking one or two intro/beginner classes at a studio to make sure you are doing it properly. I hope you feel better! I have jaw issues too but mostly because my teeth are so crowded. I feel your pain :(

  2. Have a fun weekend darling! Cute photos. I'm in Philly right now & you just made me crave a cheesesteak with the pic of you with the 6enos (though it's only 8 in the morning..haha).

  3. ohh that sounds prefect! Is that philly cheese steak? Ive never had one of those before!

  4. LOVE your blog! I have wanted to visit philly for years.and.years

    xoxo following!


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