Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's what I did for Thanksgiving last year.
I am thankful for...
my family
being able to travel to Israel
parents who believe in me
everyone who visits Streets and Stripes
& so much more

What are you thankful for?

Also, don't forget that tomorrow there is a big Black Friday sale going on in my etsy shop.  Check back later tonight to get the coupon code!


  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! I wrote a blog post on what I'm most thankful for: http://derpasaurusrex.blogspot.com/

  2. i'm thankful for this blog, cus i love seeing new posts from it in my reader :) and i'm thankful for my family even though i don't get to see them this thanksgiving, AND that i can't earn my salvation and my relationship/position with God, but that it is a free gift and it is wonderful, and for run-on sentences! happy thanksgiving chaucee.

  3. happy thanksgiving Chaucee! <3

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'm thankful for having found your blog this year! You're one of my most favorites :)

  5. hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, my dear. <3


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