Style Files: Broken Ribs

Today is voting day.  Go out there and make a difference! It's a privilege to vote. 
Let me just say this - I am in love with my floral tights.  You might remember that floral tights were on my fall wish list. I finally got some! And they were only five dollars.  Thumbs up for Target right there people.
Also, this new broken rib stitch cowl went up for sale yesterday in my etsy shop. I comes in all the same colors as the classic cowl collection.


  1. Love the tights! I noticed target has a whole bunch of $5 tights and I am so snapping them up in every color.

    That cardigan is so cute! that color is great on you. :)

    xx, Katrina

  2. i saw those tights at target and wasnt sure about them..but you look beautiful in them. thats why blogs are so wonderful.
    you look beautiful!!!!!

  3. ooo those tights are cute! I like your dress with the sweater, it looks nice and cozy!


  4. i love those tights too, soo cute. I might just have to go to Target to look at tights now =]

  5. I love the tights!! So pretty.

  6. Those tights are gorgeous! Target always has the best ones and I think they are really great quality too. Nice cowl! I made a one for winter last year but my dog ate it. I need to get a-knitting!

  7. Floral tights?? How fun!!
    Beautiful pics!

  8. i love these photos! the colors are so lovely.
    xx elanor

  9. I'm going to have to check back to Target for those tights, especially for $5! The last time I was in there all of the cute tights were $10, which was annoying because I'm lucky if they last a month.

    Adorable outfit!

  10. i adore floral tights, and i LOVE your sweater! it's so pretty.


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