Style Files: Finally Friday!

I am about to give up on these photos.  Every time I upload them to blogger 50% of the quality goes away and so much noise comes into the photographs! It's so frustrating.

Anyways, my outift was actually inspired from this collection by Bridget.  Unfortunately I don't have a big floppy hat, and the boots I wanted to wear were being borrowed by my sister, but either way I'm happy with the outfit. I know it basically looks like nothing this one that Bridget did, but oh well!
Hope you all have a great Friday! Thanks for sticking out another week with me : ) See you Monday.


  1. Adorable! Happy Friday!!

    <3 Kelly

  2. happy happy friday!!!
    i loooove that you paired green tights with this wonderful outfit.
    have a beautiful weekend love.

  3. I've never uploaded directly to blogger but it sounds like a lot of people have touble with the way they handle photos. Have you considered storing your pics elsewhere and just linking them in? I use but there are other free photo storage providers that might be easier to deal with. Once uploaded you'd right click the image and choose "Copy Image Location" (not sure of the equivalent of a rightclick on a mac) then when you draft your post you can just click the image icon and paste the image location right in. Just a thought. :)

    Happy weekend!

  4. I personally use Flickr so it doesn't ruin my photos.

  5. Finally Friday indeed...yay! The photos are adorable despite your blogger frustrations. Great take on the Bridget collection - I love all your pieces paired together and that skirt w/ the olive tights and gorgeous chocolate brown boots.

  6. seriously! even uploading photos to flickr takes the quality away, and then when i add them to a blog post, even MORE of the quality is gone! not cool. at all.

    i love it when you wear that skirt, it's lovely. :) and i love bridget, she's pretty rad.


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