Style Files: Housekeeping + Black Friday Sales!

Oh boy! There is so much housekeeping to tell you about.  First off, the lovely Anna from In Honor of Design featured two of my cowls in her Handmade Holiday Gift Guide. I really encourage you to shop handmade this Christmas.  It makes the world a different handmade local artists.  And as always you can visit my shop : ) 
Speaking of the shop, I added a link back button to Taylor House on the right column of the blog (so if you're reading this with Google or Blog Lovin' come hop on over and give it a look!).  Your support means the WORLD to me.

Also, I will be having a black friday sale at Taylor House to celebrate the kicking off the shopping season. So make sure you check back tomorrow to get the code and pre-scope the shop!
Now on to the outfit.  I haven't worn this cardigan in FOREVER and fell in love with it once I bought it, but it's been sadly neglected ever since.  Does that ever happen to you?  I bought it thinking I would have all these great outfits to go with it, and I'm having the hardest time styling it.  Any tips or suggestions?

Also, Thank you to my friend Cassie who took these pictures!

I'm adding some brand new cowls to the shop just in time for the holidays and JUST in time for my Black Friday sale (more to come on that later). Here's a sneak peak at just some of the goods.

I'll be updating the shop today, November 24th . So make sure to check back! I'll be live tweeting each listing so follow along if you want to be the first to purchase (each item is ready made, but after a couple sales it won't be ready made anymore, so grab yours quick!).


  1. What a cute dress. The sheer is so festive, I think I need to get one for the holiday season. I ALMOST got a trip next week to Las Vagas for $100. But I took to long trying to find people to cover me at work and the sale was over :( I was excited because I could finally visit this Target you get all your cute clothes at!! But alas, I have to wait. I need a states shopping trip stat!


  2. Adorable!! love the polka dots!!And the dress is beautiful!!

  3. Shy - you Definitely have to come for a visit! I've never been to Las Vegas but know many people who have - definitely a lot warmer than Canada :P

  4. Looking great :)

    Yes, happens most often when I misjudge a colour slightly. I think it'll fit with this and that and then it turns out the combination makes my eyes hurt. Ugh. Just keep staring at your closet and something will catch your eye eventually :D

  5. hey chaucee, love your lbd post..especially the polkadotted cardi:)
    sent you an email already:)


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