Style Files: Lace Leggings

Boy, oh boy! What a weekend. I watched the Babies documentary. Big mistake. Now I want to have a baby and move to Mongolia. Well the second part of that isn't a mistake (Mongolia is beautiful) but the first part is going to have to wait a bit :D
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Dress: Old Navy, Cardigan: Marshall's, Tights: Target, Boots: Target, Cowl: Taylor House Knits
How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? Watch any cool documentaries? Anyone else love documentaries like myself? Is that weird? Hmm, now I have something to think about.


  1. Sometimes I wish I had more then 4 channels so I could watch some interesting tv! haha good old farmer vision. You look so comfy and cute like usual! Have a great day...I better go check me mail today!

  2. I've been wanting to see that that for a while! I love documentaries-- which is funny, since I'm the only one in my family who does.

    Anyhow, lovely blog-- and I'm following (if not for the mere fact that you're in Philadelphia. That's where I'm originally from! <3 )

    You are an absolute doll.. :)

    -Amber Rose

  3. I love how you styled these tights! I have a pair of lace tights myself but I'm always stumped on how to wear them.

  4. hahaha....
    i am afraid if i watch "babies" i am going to want to have i am not going to watch it til 2015..!

    you look beautiful and you ALWAYS find the best things at target. ahh!!
    i also agree on the photograph company...:)
    have a great week love.

  5. I just love watching music can get a little addicting though. You look so pretty and what Target are you finding all your cute stuff at? I feel like ours is always so picked out.

  6. I completely love the Babies documentary! And it ALMOST makes me want to have another one. ;)

  7. You are so so beautiful!!!

    I'm loving you style so much, so effortlessly chic.:)

    Lots of hugs,



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