Style Files: Olivia and Her Mustard Boots

Sometimes I am just so happy with how my outfits turn out. This time was one of them. Also, meet Olivia. I think you two are going to become best friends : ) She's a beauty!
These new boots are my ultimate favorite.  They are me to a T. The mustard color and the almost knee high length is so perfect! Rest assured, they will most likely make a lot of appearances on the blog : ) My mom thrifted them for $18 and they are originally from Rampage.

So how was your Thanksgiving, friends?  This year didn't feel as rushed and frantic as usual because a lot of the cooking was done ahead of time (Thanks, Mom!).

Also don't froget about my Black Friday sale going on today! 10% your ENTIRE purchase with the coupon code BLCKFRIDAY.


  1. This outfit is gorgeous I really love that skirt! Someday I'm going to travel over there and raid your boot closet because your hogging all the good ones!! hehe. Happy black friday shopping! I already spent to much on ruche today! Too bad modcloth wont ship to me!


  2. Chaucee! I'm so honored you stopped by and liked my blog (yeah I totally got weirded out at the thought of Google Images recognizing my face)! Your style/photos/design are really too beautiful.

    I can see why you loved this outfit - so perfectly well-put together! And the photos are STUNNING.

  3. I love love this outfit, and those boots look GREAT!

  4. You look great :) Love the outfit and what a great find those boots are! The cowl tops it all off nicely. Happy weekend!

  5. I REALLY like this outfit (and wow beautiful photos) I actually have a sweater just like that by Dex. You make layering look effortless...I must now try an infinity scarf with a blouse and skirt!

  6. You look so pretty :)
    I love your boots~

  7. Oh this is adorable and so you. I love it!

  8. Chaucee, the boots are awesome!
    it's a lovely color too, a perfect punch to any fall's wardrobe picks!
    have a great weekend Chaucee


  9. Love this outfit on you, the pics are so cool too w/ the abandon looking road :-)

  10. i love this outfit! those boots are fabulous.

  11. $18 for those boots! That's amazing!


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