Sunday Snippets: My Favorite Looks

I am constantly starring my favorite posts and favorite outfits in my google reader. I save a lot of style shots for when I need some inspiration and here are just a few of them. It's quite a lot so I've cut this post in half. Click on the Read More link to read the rest. I've included some of my favorite bloggers!
I wish I had a beautiful $5 coat like this one to go with an beautiful print dress and leather boots.
Can you believe this girl is studying politics?  She has such great style. That teal is amazing.
This outfit is my idea of comfy perfection. Oxford shoes + oversized sweater + toggle pea coat + plum tights.
Nicole does this look just right. She has me dying for mustard colored leggings and a candy red dress.

If I lived in England surrounded by beautiful gardens, this is where I'd go to read & study, and this is what I'd dress like.
My hankering to get my hands on a piece of vintage fur has only gotten worse after this adorable outfit.
Sometimes there's just that one collection that has it all.  This is one of them.
Mel knows how to do right. Also, did I mention my affection for plum tights? I love them.
Basically anything Jen wears I want to borrow, but here especially.  The leather shoes and the orange tights (so uniquely colored, I love it) and the gingham top is perfect for autumn.
Need I say more?
Cosy, comfortable, ribbed tights = the perfect outfit for classes at my university.
A pink sweater with a blue leather jacket.
Anything with these colors and these patterns is a go for me. I love this look.
I suddenly realize why I want to wear lace.
Mandy doesn't know this but I about died when she posted this outfit.  She described it as "very me" (me, referring to Mandy). But I also thought this outfit was something I would don in a heartbeat. Perfect in every way.


  1. These are all such lovely outfits! And I agree, those mustard tights are to die for.

  2. Love this kind of post. Maybe I will steal the idea ;)
    The Auspicious Life

  3. such a GREAT post, my dear. so much style inspiration!! :)

  4. All gorgeous...that dress from Nicole of Coco Maria is one of my faves!!

  5. i <3 them all.
    i looooooooove calivintage. i want her whole wardrobe actually.

  6. I'm very flattered to be part of your inspiration :) The feeling is definitely mutual!


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