Daily Life: One For One TOMS

I have been meaning to post these pictures for over a month now, but they got lost in my draft file.

A little while ago the Culture and Arts Association on my campus put together a TOMS event.
Some of you may know about TOMS and what they do, but if not here's a quick recap: Blake Mycoskie founded the TOMS company with the idea that for every shoe that was purchased, another shoe would be donated to a child in need - one for oneClick here to learn more.
(I decided to draw birds and mustaches on my shoes :P)
So basically what the CAA wanted to do was somehow find a way to benefit others while using our artistic expression.  We thought a great way to do this is to buy a white pair of TOMS canvas shoes and paint on them as a community.

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So one day after Chapel we had signups in the lounge and lots of people committed to buying a pair of shoes and painting them. 
"Blessed are the feet of those who bring Good News"
It turned out to be an AWESOME event and a lot of people who don't go to my college have been asking about it.  It's a great way to be artistic, customize your own shoes, but yet help someone in need.

How would you paint your shoe if you participated in something like this?


  1. Oh my god. Mustache Toms????? I'm in love.

  2. this is such a cute idea! i've been wanting toms for awhile, but i never wear flats so i couldn't reason spending the money. perhaps i'll have to use them as house-shoes or slippers.

  3. Oh, I've been dying to get a pair of Toms (but unfortunately I'm still on my shopping ban). I love what you did with yours! Mustaches! And Birds! ;)


  4. this is seriously one of the coolest events i've ever heard of. i love my toms and the fact that you got to customize and paint them sounds like so much fun! i love this.

  5. Isaiah 52:7 ey? Do you mind if I ask what type of chapel your school has? The verse about preaching the good news caught my attention (I happen to be a Jesus loving Christian, myself), so I just thought I'd ask. ( :

    ps. I LOVE Toms, and this is the best idea. How fun would it be to decorate little Toms at a baby shower or something?

  6. Great idea and some amazing designs :)
    I am loving your mustachioed pair!

    I think I might be tempted to do a line drawing of a pair of feet on a white pair ;)

  7. wow this is so awesome, chaucee!
    i love this whole idea.

    xx elanor

  8. Oh my goodness...now that is an awesome idea! I supposed I would paint little owls on mine:)

  9. LOVE how you decorated your TOMS! Birds and staches for the win!

  10. Such a great idea for a great cause!


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