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First off, I want to say that everything in this post is purely opinion. But I figured since this is my blog this is my chance to share what I think about style blogging.
I really have started to think about this whole style blogging thing.  It started as a way to improve my style and stretch me creatively, but sometimes I wonder what kind of impression it gives off.  If one doesn't know the purpose behind a style blog it looks incredibly vain and a waste of time (this is my opinion), and I don't want to come across this way.

I'm still in the process of thinking about doing a style blog and whether its worth all the effort, but I do know that I have met some of the most beautiful ladies I know. They all have hearts of gold and inspire me.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Please keep the comments kind and considerate of others.


  1. I feel that way every. single. day. I mean, "what would my real life friends say?" It's kinda awkward. I mean, it's like an online shrine of yourself, no? (haha, don't answer that, we all know it is) But I think the most important thing about blogging is that you do it for yourself. I've learnt so much about myself and gained self-confidence that it's making it all worthwhile. You know you have those days when you put something on and you're not sure if you look good or not? Well someone out there in the blogosphere loves it. And they leave a comment on your blog. And this is an instant feel-gooder! Hehe. So keep on blogging, Chaucee. Because if you don't I'm going to cry.


  2. I feel the same way. My boyfriend is actually really into the opinion that clothes just don't matter, and that style can be a bad thing. When I told him I was starting a fashion blog he got kind of...upset, but luckily has been really supportive. I agree that it does seem vain from the outside looking on, but from the inside it's anything but. It's a community of support and encouragement and ideas. I've thought about maybe stopping because I've questioned the point of it, but then I think about the encouragement I give and receive, and all the wonderful girls I've met, and I keep going.

  3. I understand how you feel. I think this may be an issue with blogs in general--it's the "me" show. I see how you could feel like people would think that of you (I guess that's what we risk putting ourselves on the internet for all to judge) but remember your hobby is not necessarily who you are and I think if you stay true to who you really are and people want to judge you, then honestly, that's their problem. Good luck. I think this is an interesting thought about blogging/style blogging!

  4. Just to be clear, I don't mean "you" as in Chaucee, but you as in you in general haha. I felt like what I wrote sounded bad without that clarification.

  5. oh dont leave us! :( i love seeing your beautiful face every morning.

    but i totally understand what you mean/say.
    i do sometime feel a bit vain and ask myself why am i taking pictures of myself !?!
    i have come to the conclusion,
    unless you are a style blogger, you can not understand.
    i have told my 4 best friends about it.. they have always know my love for dressing up/fashion.

    i think as a blogger we just understand why we do this and why we enjoy it so much...
    its not because we are in love with ourselves or we are vain ...
    its because we love the creative process and we love connecting with people who share the same interest & love for fashion.

    i hope that made sense. it sounded so much better in my head. lol.
    i <3 your blog and you.

  6. Ya know before I started grad school I worked at a place where the girl I took over for and I really bonded during my two-week training period over, of all things, clothes! We loved seeing what each other would wear each day and it was just one of many things that sparked a great friendship b/c we had similar tastes in style. That's how I view style blogging. Just a chance to be a part of a club where you get excited to share your outfits with others who like the same sorts of stuff you do. I think it's no different than something like a writer's group who get together to share stuff they've written with one another. It's a chance to get feedback and make connections with people who share similar interests.

    In other words, keep on keepin' on, because otherwise there will be a void in our group!

  7. It is good to know that other people have the same feelings about fashion blogging. I was feeling the same way last week, why am I doing this and who am I doing it for? Answers - I am doing it for me because I love blogging and reading others fashion blogs, I love a challenge (for me it is living with only 30 items) and it helps me to wear more them boring sweat pants and a hoodie jumper.
    I love reading your blog and I would not want you to disappear, maybe you just need a holiday from blogging

  8. I think style blogs are a great alternative to fashion mags and sneaky photos of celebrities captured covertly while they were doing their shopping. I really cannot get into anything to do with the fashion industry. I don't want to hear about celebrities, I don't want to be told what I have to wear in order get a man (and how to act), I don't want to see fashion spreads of emaciated girls, garments drooping off their boney bodies (sure some girls are naturally that shape but while I don't mind seeing the odd overly slim girl I'd like some variety please).

    While the industry of course influences as bloggers there is still a much broader base of different styles and body shapes on show for those who want to see it (that 's me!) I enjoy my little shoots and love watching other real girls fashion choices and taking inspiraton from their styles.

    Sure it won't cure world hunger but it 's a fun pasttime and I relax reading blogs after a long day like others do reading a magazine or watching some tv.

    Blogging has helped me improve my digital camera work a lot (I shunned digital in favour of film before the blog) and my photoshop is starting to get more polished (at last). Another benefit is that it gets me out of the house for photoshoots regularly when I'd usually rot infront of the tv slowly sinking into what I thought was my inevitable winter depression.

    My parents were one of the main reasons I started my blog: They live so far away (I see them max. twice a year) They enjoy seeing pictures of me regularly - proof that I am safe, doing well and not dressed in rags :P

    IMO as long as I can entertain some people for a little while, maybe get a smile out of them, it 's worth it.

  9. Ha! I got so much into gibbering on about this (not a sore spot at all you see LOL) I completely forgot to say: Great outfit!

    Must say, I love the way we all seem to feel so similiarly about this although I also think it 's sad we all get rattled by the same doubts.

  10. I have only looked at fashion blogs for one month. The first time I saw one was because I heard about a Langston's boots giveaway and I HAD to enter. NOW I am subscribed to like, 30 blogs and I pretty much know everybody's name when I see their pictures in my lil blogger feeder thinger :)

    I am a feminist, an environmentalist, I was raised practically Amish, I hate TV and don't read fashion magazines.

    What I love about fashion blogs is that I get to chose who I follow, as opposed to fashion magazines where you're looking constantly at images of anorexic women and airbrushed faces and boobs and tummies and thighs.

    I love seeing each gal's personal photography style and personal style.

    And I know there is a PERSON out there. If I am subscribed to a blog and somebody is wearing cute as crap clothes that are assembled into the hottest outfits I have ever seen, but their writing demonstrates they posess no personality, I unsubscribe.

    You are a REAL WOMAN and I appreciate that so much! I have gained style pointers, have new things to think about every day, and have this community of women who don't even know I exist, but who I look forward to seeing and hearing from every day (my guy is in the Army and I live 3,000 miles away from my sisters & girlfriends, who I really took for granted when I had them and their advice and opinions...).

    I would rather 'follow' your blog ANY DAY than follow a supermodel, somebody without hobbies, or people who only think about clothes and jewelry and shoes. Thanks for keepin it real.

  11. (Crap, sorry my comment was so dang long)

  12. I don't think it's vain. I don't do it because I don't photograph well but I do like that your photographs and others are inspiring for all of us. It helps me go into my closet, take old clothes and make them new again. That is totally rewarding and reason to keep it up!

  13. It makes me happy. I have fun. There can't be anything wrong with that!


  14. I agree! It can be scary sometimes, but for me its kind of like my own exposure therapy. I wear what I feel like and I feel like if I can show someone that you don't have to spend loads of money to feel good, thats great! Cute photos by the way, I love your hair color!

  15. I love the covered bridges in the background; you must be from Pennsylvania ;)

    When I first started my blog I thought that people would think I was shallow for being so into fashion and taking pictures of myself. Slowly but surely I've let people know about my blog, and pretty much anyone I've told thought it was a pretty neat hobby. I was really surprised by the support I received. This is a great community with so many positive talented people.

    Besides, you need to keep blogging because we still have to get together after the holidays and go shopping!

  16. 1. The scenery around you in these photos looks straight out of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! (Except you're in the photos instead of the headless horseman...)

    2. I totally agree. I've had the same concerns, but I've decided to kind of stop worrying about it & hope that others don't make snap judgements about me or my blog. :)

  17. I'm sort of new to reading style blogs, but I like getting ideas about how to wear items of clothing I already have. I agree with one of the above posters that it is a welcome alternative to annoying fashion magazines. Also, some of the photography in style blogs is utterly gorgeous (that building in the background with your cardi is so pretty btw)
    I say keep it up!

  18. Hi - I just stumbled across your blog :)
    but I know how you feel. there have definitely been moments where I thought about giving up this whole fashion blogging thing, because it's so vain and materialistic. but like others have said, I do get inspired by other bloggers, and many are so very down to earth and kind! at the end of the day though, I think blogging should be enjoyable to you. so as cheesy as it sounds.. just do what you feel is right!

  19. firstly...please dont stop!!!
    secondly, i came across your blog a couple weeks ago when i was feeling awfully depressed about school and upcoming finals, but then i found your blog, and through your blog have found others (yours is still my favorite of course) i lovee knitting (i can only do one stitch ha!) and i love photography, and this blog totally makes my day, everyday, i even show my friends new posts, im like look doesnt she look great, also shes gorgeous grrrr. basically its inspired me.

    and thirdly, i absolutely LOVE your style, its gorgeous, feminine, and fun without dropping thousands of dollars that most people, like me, who love clothing dont have

    keep being awesome

  20. Chaucee, I TOTALLY feel the same way alllll the time! Sometimes I'm like ugh, what is the point of all this? Not to mention that I find myself shopping more than usual to have new stuff to feature in outfits. It feels like an obligation to put together a winning outfit, rather than just getting dressed in the morning. I've also had a big problem of people copying, but that's a whole other beast.

    I have to say though, that your outfits are both inspiring and beautiful. Your style comes across as effortless and original. I love your photos and the small glimpse I get into life in Philadelphia. I also think we have similar body types and I love getting figure flattering outfit ideas from you. I wouldn't ever want you to stop style blogging! Hope that helps xoxo

  21. As I was reading your most recent post 12/15, I seemed to have missed this one. I must agree, I have had the same feelings...time and time again. I know what you mean - Does it appear shallow? I would never want to come off that way and I would never want to be that way. There is so much more to life I place my value in.

    I started my blog because I was restless in my 5th month of pregnancy and wanted to feel inspired again. For years upon years I have written songs. Probably for the past couple though, I stopped. I just was too busy in my daily schedule which left me feeling uninspired. I happened to stumble upon someone's blog while online one day and the whole fashion blogging thing intrigued me. I love fashion and putting together outfits - my own little art form, Why not blog about it like so many others and get my creative juices flowing once again.

    So for me, it has kind of become of creative outlet..and photo shoots are always so much fun for me and the hubs:) I have met so many lovely inspiring ladies like you this is what makes it all worth it to me. I love seeing what real women are wearing rather than what's in the magazines. Your blog is lovely darling and always leaves me feeling inspired even beyond fashion.

  22. i know, i get that feeling of a doubt too! it does look very self-centered whenever you see just your face on your blog, in every entry at times.. eventhough it's just the clothes and the style that you wanna show. but this whole thing is entirely a creative process so don't let the whole thing slip-off for such a creative person like you:)


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