Style Files: Friday

Yes, it was cold.
I don't really have too much to say other than A) I'm sick B) I've been knitting my butt off, and C)I love these socks.

Have a great Friday!

Oh, and Sunday is the last day to place your order in the shop to ensure your package arrives before Christmas.


  1. I love the way you mixed two striped patterns. Playing with patterns is oh so fun! Have a good weekend. xo

  2. You look adorably comfy today :) Sorry you're not feeling well but we could never guess from that smile!!

  3. Aww, I always seem to have a photo just like your first one these days as well! It's so cold! You look so wonderful! Your ability to mix stripes in such a cute way blows my mind!

  4. I love the socks! The architecture youre around look so European. I do love architecture (hence taking it at collage) ANYWAYS! You look lovely! Feel better!


  5. You are the queen of layering! Seriously. Ever read/watched Anne of Green Gables? Cause your layered dresses are reminding me of her right now. (Nevermind the hair!). I'm going to check out your shop. Feel better little lady!!

  6. i hope you feel better !!!!
    it is reallllllly cold.
    the husband told me i am going to get sick if i keep on doing outfit pictures without a coat on. :)
    i love this location..the little red door is so perfect in the background.
    have a great weekend love.

  7. For some reason I always wear comfy dresses when I'm not feeling well. They feel so much better than jeans.

    And by the way, you don't look sick at least :)

  8. Beautiful photos my dear! :) love the socks over tights! x

  9. haha it's cold in arkansas too. you have such pretty eyes and pretty boots!

  10. pretty - i like how you've paired the socks and boots.

  11. You are SO cute, seriously. I'm loving this outfit to pieces!

  12. Ooh I love the layering you've got going on here. Comfy chic!

    xo Robyn

    p.s. I am kind of in love with the red door behind you

  13. Aw, hope you feel better. I've been sick too:( You look lovely though and I love the socks!

  14. I am loving those layers and colours :)

    I took your advice and made a couple of buttons for my blog:

    Get well soon!

  15. Ahhhh I'm lovin' all the layers here, Chaucee! Seriously. You are the Queen. Of. Layers. And I love your "it's so cold" face! Too cute :P



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