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I'm sure many of you already know Erin of Calivintage, but perhaps you don't know how she likes her coffee or why she loves cycling.  Well keep reading to find out!

Erin's style is so unique the blogosphere. That cute little haircut she has and the way she effortlessly wears clothes scores points in the style crush category. This girl has some serious styling tips and knows how to pull together an outfit down to the last detail. So head on over and pay a little visit to her blog and prepare to be inspired.
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What does being a full time blogger look like?
I write the Calivintage blog, the Calivintage tumblr, I'm a writer for the ModCloth blog, and I have another top secret blog project slated to come out very soon! So for me, being a full-time blogger means I'm busy pretty much all the time.

I wake up, check my email and social media sites, get my daily post up, do some blog reading and start my Tumblr queue for the day. Then I get ready for work and basically do the same thing for the rest of the day at ModCloth. After work, I go home, eat dinner, and usually go back online doing my Calivintage stuff. Oh, and not to mention the time spent shopping, styling, outfits, and taking the photos for posts!

 I'm lucky that I like what I do so much because it honestly never stops. I literally have to pry myself away from the computer screen if I want any semblance of a life outside of the internet, haha!
What is the biggest "plus" of being a ModCloth blogger?
There are so many things I love about being a ModCloth blogger, I don't even know where to start! It's basically my dream job. I went from being an "outsider" to working within the fashion industry. I get to do what I love and I get paid to do it! Plus, I have a lot of resources that I wouldn't normally have access to, like a graphic design team and a videography team, so I get to try new things. Not bad if you ask me.
What draws you to cycling?
I'm one of those people that can't get myself within a 10 block radius of a gym. I spend so much time indoors that it's nice to just get outside, and cycling enables me to do that. It's easier on my joints than running and it's fast enough that I can cover a lot of ground, making it the perfect way to tour a new area. You can really absorb your surroundings while getting fresh air and exercise at the same time.
Coffee or tea?
Coffee with nonfat milk, please! Chai tea with soymilk comes in as a close second.
What is one tradition you do every year?
My absolute most favorite tradition is visiting my family in Southern California for the holidays. My grandma, mom, sister, and I (and whatever other little helpers would like to help!) all get together and make tamales for Christmas. It's a family tradition and Christmas just isn't the same if I don't have my freshly steamed tamales!
Thank you Erin for being so kind as to answer these questions! To see other blogger interviews click here.

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